Left Handed Scissors

left handed scissors


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These Left Handed Scissors are Maped Sensoft 3D Left-Handed Scissors with Flexible Handles, Stainless Steel Blades, 6.33 Inches.
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 Obviously more convenient for the southpaws of the world. The customer feed back ratings on this exact product is very high which is always a good sign. Others are available as well, including left handed scissors for kids.


There is not much to say negatively about this exact pair of scissors. You can read all product descriptions and customer reviews through the links provided on this page.


fiskars kids left handed scissors

This version here is the Fiskars brand left handed scissors for kids. They are designed with large enough handle loops perfect for small clumsy hands. The handles are made of a rubbery patented softgrip material. These Fiskars scissors are a number one recommended by teachers brand. The blade edges are created specifically for cutting basic classroom materials while being perfectly safe for fingers and skin in general. What makes them left handed is that the scissor blades are on opposite sides of regular right handed scissors.

You can see from the picture you see here that the bottom handle crosses over on the right hand side. This makes it easier for cutting materials from a left handed person’s point of view. Click the image of the kids left handed scissors you see pictured here for more camera angles, product details, and to read through customer review comments. You will also be able to browse through a wide selection of other similar left handed scissors.


red dot dressmaker shears left handed scissors

You can also get professional use left handed scissors like the shears you see here. These are a high quality pair of dressmaker shears. The exact same thing you would expect from any other good quality pair of shears, except, obviously, these ones are designed for left handed people. Click the image of these dressmaker shears for a lot more details about these scissors and how to buy them. This source is also great for other left handed products.

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