Left Handed Violins


left handed violins

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Left Handed Violins

Here you can see just one example of a variety of left handed violin options available from this source. View all left handed violin options and accessories through the following link:
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This left handed violin kit includes all you see n the image on the left. This is the Cecilio 4/4  Left-Hand Solidwood Violin. The above left handed violin kit includes everything seen in the image. You can get this kit or other violins from the same source.
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Left Handed Violin Pros: 

This particular kit has everything you need to get started, and the reviews are very good.

Left Handed Violin Cons: 

A kit might be much more than you require. You can also find an individual left handed violin from the same source.


More Left Handed Violin options
Clickable Images

cecilio left handed violin pearl white electric


This particular left handed violin is quite unique in it’s design. As you can see from the picture you see here, this is a violin that is actually designed to plug in headphones to play the violin and be the only one in the room that can hear the sound. This is a great solution for people who need to practice the violin while in the presence of others who would prefer not to be disturbed. Especially good for dorm rooms, small apartments, and any other roommate or nearby neighbor situation. This kit includes everything you see in the image here. This is just one example of many electric violins available from this source. They also come in other colors and designs, and both left handed and right handed styles. Click the image of the left handed electric violin seen here for more images and information including a great demonstration video.

cecilio left handed violin solid wood


This one is the exact same concept as the one discussed above. The difference here is that there is no cut away at the side. This one is the solid wood yellow maple metallic electric violin with ebony fittings in style 1. Plus I am showing a different angle to give you a better idea of what these electric left handed violins look like. Click the image of this violin or any others shown on this page for more specific details about these ones, or to browse through a bunch of other similar violin products.

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