Locker Locks


locker locks

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Locker Locks

One unique style of locker locks is this one example shown here. There are many other locker locks you can view through the following link:
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This example of locker locks, is the Master Lock combination style lock. With this one, you can set your combination. You can also select from a variety of colors, and the combination display is viewed along the sides rather than the bottom.
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Locker Locks Pros:

 As far as this exact example of locker locks shown here goes, the reviews are largely positive, which you can read through on your own. You can set your own combinations. The color makes it easier to spot your locker from a distance. The metal is designed to be very difficult to cut through for extra security.

Locker Locks Cons: 

While the majority of reviews are positive, there are several that complained about this lock being difficult to set the combination. However, plenty of positive comments have countered those arguments, suggesting that those people must have done something wrong or did not follow the instructions properly. You can read all reviews good and bad and judge for yourself.


More Locker Locks options
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wordlock padlock locker lock


This type of locker lock is a very ingenious and creative idea. Instead of boring numerical combinations to remember, you can choose a word. Using the letters you can make up any 5 letter words or string of letters. You can reset and change the password any time you want. The lock is made with very strong and durable steel. This makes it very difficult to cut and makes it great for both indoors and outdoors. It can stand up to the elements of the outdoors and won’t rust. The casing for the one shown is black, as you can see from this picture, but it also comes in pink, red, or silver. Check them out by clicking the image of the lock you see here. You will be able to read customer review comments, and also read more details about this product and buying information.

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