London Fog Purses

London Fog Purses satchel top

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London Fog purses are offered from this source in a wide range of styles besides the one shown in the picture above. Browse through all the available London Fog purses through the following link:
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The shown example of London Fog purses above is the Lark Satchel Top Handle Bag.  The main reason I selected this particular purse is that is is the only one with customer feedback to refer to. The customer review was very positive. You can read more details about this London Fog purse, as well as the customer reviews through the following link:
…More details about the London Fog Purses here!


Pros: Positive customer review rating. Plenty of space and pockets, including a pocket on the inside back wall.

Cons: While the review rating is high on this purse, there are not a lot of them. This does not necessarily indicate something negative, but it does limit the amount of information to help you make a buying decision. Be sure to read all product descriptions on this purse and other London Fog purses before making a purchase.



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