Long HDMI Cables


long hdmi cables

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Long HDMI Cables

Find a variety of sizes of long HDMI cable from this source. For when standard shorter cable sizes are just not enough of a reach. The one you see here is just one example. See all sizes through the following link:
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The shown long HDMI cable here is the 30 foot long version. Other lengths are available as well. Just select your desired length upon ordering.
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Long HDMI Cable Pros:

 Obviously, a longer HDMI cable gets you more length and reach for your devices. This particular long HDMI cable is relatively inexpensive and has a lot of positive reviews that you can read.

Long HDMI Cable Cons: 

Some say that adding more cable length between devices can potentially reduce performance of those devices. Read through the customer reviews to judge for yourself.


More Long HDMI Cables
Clickable Images

aurum ultra series long hdmi cable


This one is a little more unique. This is the Aurum Ultra Series high speed HDMI 25 foot cable with Ethernet. It will support 3D and audio return channel. It features a 99.9% oxygen free cable for minimum signal degradation. ROHS compliant. You can use this HDMI cable for PS3, Xbox 360, 3D TVs, DVD players, and Blu-ray players. This one is the HDMI to HDMI cable as you can see in the picture, however, you can also get similar cables that go from HDMI to other types of cord ends. Click the image of this long HDMI cable for for product specifications and buying details about this one pictured, or to browse through a whole host of other HDMI cable options.

ultra clarity hdmi braided cable 50 feet long.


This example here is a braided 50 feet long HDMI Cable which is good for use on pretty much anything discussed above. 50 feet of any type of cable is a very long distance. This length should satisfy just about any technological issue where distance is concerned. Click the image of this cable to read more about this one and other similar cables. You will also find a bunch of customer reviews to read through.

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