Mad Professor Pedals


mad professor pedals

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Mad Professor Pedals

Many Mad Professor Pedals can be seen through the following link. The one you see here is only one example:
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Of all the available Mad Professor Pedals available, this one is a popular version. It’s the Sweet Honey Overdrive. Get great sounds from your guitar. Check out more details and images through the following link:
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Mad Professor Pedals Pros: 

Mad Professor Pedals are from a popular brand and this exact version has many positive customer reviews to read through. Many to choose from.

Mad Professor Pedals Cons:

 I could not find any major issues with this exact version. You can read all customer reviews good and bad through the provided links you see on this page.


More Mad Professor Pedals
Clickable Images

mad professor electric blue chorus pedal


This one is the Electric Blue Chorus Mad Professor Pedal. Three different knobs allow you you to control and adjust Blend, Speed, and Depth. Very simplistic in and out setup. Click the image of the blue pedal machine for a lot more details about this one or to browse through other similar Mad Professor pedals.

snow white autowah mad professor pedals


This one is the Snow White Autowah Mad Professor Pedal. You will be able to control the sound in 4 ways with this one. You can adjust sensitivity, bias, resonance, and decay. You can use these pedals with both an electric guitar and a bass guitar. Find a lot more details about this one, or browse through other Mad Professor pedals by clicking the image you see here.

mad professor stone grey distortion fx pedal


One customer review comment sates that this particular Mad Professor pedal is the best distortion pedal out there. As you can see from the image seen here, is a 3 knob pedal. They call this the Mad Professor Stone Grey Distortion FX pedal. The three knobs give you tight control of Volume, distortion, and tone. Very simplistic setup, much like the pedals discussed above. Click the image for a lot more details about this pedal, read customer review comments, or browse through many other Mad Professor pedals available for online purchase from this source.

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