Magic Sponge

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The Magic Sponge is another one of those “As Seen on TV” products. It is similar to the Magic Eraser by the Mr. Clean Brand (which can also be purchased from this same source). Check out the Magic Sponge or other cleaning supplies through the following link:
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Reusable and machine washable. Great deal of customer reviews. Most reviews are positive. Save money on cleaners and chemicals.


One common complaint is the fact that the sponges may be a bit too much on the large side for regular kitchen use. But of course to each their own. Read all reviews and judge for yourself. Do that through the various links I have provided on this page.



mr clean magic eraser

This here is not a Magic Sponge, but it is a competing and similarly used  cleaning sponge product. These are called Magic Erasers by the well known Mr. Clean brand. I have used these personally and they work really well. You don’t need to add soap or any other chemicals. You just have to add water and start wiping. They are great for pretty much anything that a standard sponge or cloth is unable to get. In fact in some cases they might work  little too good. We were cleaning our apartment to move, and I used one of these on the walls and scrubbed really extra hard to get a marker stain, and it started taking the paint off.

These are technically re-usable, but only to a certain point, as they slowly wear away as you use them, much like an actual eraser. I am very impressed at the times I just could not remove something with a sponge or cloth, and then grabbed one of these and it worked very easily. Shown here is a box of 8, but upon ordering online, you can select from 4 packs, 8 packs, 16 packs, 24 packs, or 32 packs. Click the image of the Mr. Clean Magic Erasers you see here to find a lot more product details, customer review comments, and buying information.

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