Magnetic Door Catch


magnetic door catches

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Magnetic Door Catches

A good example of a Magnetic Door Catch is the one shown here. Many others are on the market as well. See them all through the following link:
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The magnetic door catch is a handy concept that allows your door to be caught and held open magnetically without slamming shut. Also makes for a simple door stop. Can be mounted easily anywhere.
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Magnetic Door Catch Pros: 

Relatively inexpensive and a handy gadget that will be used over and over again. Great for bringing in the groceries, and will save your door from constantly slamming shut. Great amount of customer reviews to read through, most of them positive.

Magnetic Door Catch Cons: 

The only current negative comments at the moment are pertaining to shipping issues, and another comment saying it was a bit tricky to install. You can read all reviews good and bad for yourself.


More Magnetic Door Catch options
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magnetic clasp door latch


This type of Magnetic Door catch is more of a tool to help doors and drawers remain closed. These are known as magnetic clasps. These particular magnetic clasps are 1 inch circles, with one circle being attached to an
L bracket for mounting inside the cabinet. The other circle fastens to the inside of the drawer or door. These are designed to hold up to 40 lbs of holding strength. They come in a brass finish, although the picture you see here shows them in silver. See customer reviews and more product details about this set, or browse through other similar products available from this source by clicking the image seen here.


magnetic door stopper adjustable


This here is a magnetic door stopper from Nova Hardware. It is adjustable 2 to 4 inches. You can mount it on the floor or on a wall. It is made with stainless steel. It uses the conceal screw mounting technique to make it more visually appealing. Another piece is mounted to the door. The two pieces are magnetically attracted to each other so the door can be caught, rather than hit the wall causing damage to your home. Read more about this magnet door catcher or other similar products by clicking the image you see here.

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