Marbles Knives


marbles knives

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Marbles Knives

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The Marbles brand makes all kinds of outdoor tools and products like knives and axes. One example of available Marbles knives is the one shown here. This is the Marbles G.I. Utility Knife.
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Marbles Knives Pros: 

High quality brand with generally good customer reviews to read through by clicking any link on this page.

Marbles Knives Cons: 

Not a ton of negative customer reviews to report. You can read through and browse many different knives and tools through any link on this page.


More Marbles Knives
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jungle bowie marbles knives


The Marbles line of knives includes this cool knife option pictured here. This one is the Jungle Bowie fixed blade knife with natural wood handles. The entire length end to end is 14.75 inches. The length of just the blade alone is 10 inches. The handle is natural wood as the name suggests. The blade is a high carbon steel with enamel finish. Orange on the blade and tip of the handle. Click the image of this bowie knife for a lot more details about the knife and how to buy it online.

marbles outdoors jet pilots knife


This is another fixed blade styled knife like the one above. However, this one is a Jet Pilot’s survival fixed blade knife with brown stacked leather handles. This one is 10.5 inches in overall length, but just the blade only is 6 1/8 inches. It also features a brass finger guard at the base of the blade and handle. The top of the blade has “teeth” known as a saw back. See more about this and other similar Marbles knives by clicking this image or any of the other images on this page.

marbles knives firemans shovel machete


The Marbles line of knives includes a lot more than just typical knives. You can find all kinds of cutting tools. This one here is the Marbles shovel and machete combination. This is known as a fireman’s shovel machete. Shaped like a small shovel, but perhaps not the greatest design for scooping large amounts of dirt. Around the edge is a sharpened blade. Some versions of these shovel machetes include fire hydrant wrenches on the handle. As you can see from the image here, this one does not. Check out more pricing and product details about this one, or browse through many other unique Marbles brand knives and tools by clicking the picture of the shovel machete shown here.

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