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Messi jersey

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Messi Jersey

What you see here is only one good example of many styles of Messi Jersey you can buy online from this source. To see them all, click the following link:
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The Qatar foundation Messi Jersey shown here is just one of several. Great customer reviews on this particular jersey, but of course there are others to browse through. This Messi Jersey is the 12-13 Barcelona Away Jersey
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Messi Jersey Pros: 

Like I said above, this exact jersey has a solid customer review rating, which you can read on your own by clicking through the provided links. I also personally trust this source.

Messi Jersey Cons: 

Read sizing charts and descriptions carefully, as well as all customer review feed back. This information will help you get the right size. It can be a bit tricky ordering wearable items online.


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barcelona home messi jersey


This is the home jersey for the Barcelona soccer team from the 2013/2014 season. This is the number 10 Messi jersey, but you can also get the same jerseys representing other team players as well. This is the official Nike version of the shirt. Blue and purple vertical striping all around. The logo is on the upper left side, while it prominently features the Qatar Airways font on the front of the chest. The Messi number 10 and the word Unicef is all featured on the back side. See more about this and other similar Barcelona soccer jerseys by clicking the image of the jersey you see here. You will also be able to read through a variety of customer reviews, and browse through any other type of available soccer jersey for kids and adults.

adidas messi argentina home jersey


This one is the Messi number 10 Argentina soccer jersey. This is the blue and white striped home jersey from the 2014 world cup tournament. This is from the Adidas brand. See more details about this shirt or browse through many other Messi jerseys by clicking the image of this jersey pictured here, or any other image you see on this page. All links will take you to the source that provides just about any type of soccer jersey you can imagine.

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