Mini Kegs


mini kegs

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Mini Kegs

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The Mini Keg shown here is the 5 liter keg with an easy slide out tap on the bottom. See more details and images through the following link:
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Mini Keg Pros: 

Great for small parties or just a modest in home use. Fits many mini kegerators.

Mini Keg Cons: 

This exact mini keg might not ship outside of the United States depending on your country. Read all shipping policies carefully to find out.


More Mini Keg options
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beer mini kegerator


This great example is a mini beer kegerator system that is both useful, as well as very stylish for your home bar or kitchen. This one is called the Koolatron mini beer keg with a tap. It also includes the drip tray that sits at the base,which you can see in this picture here. The entire unit weighs 11.7 pounds. This particular unit has a fluid capacity of 5 liters. It stands 17.75 inches in height. The tap is a pull forward styled mechanism, and it can keep your beer cold down to 45 degrees Fahrenheit below ambient temperature. The drip tray is removable for easy cleaning. See a lot more details about this one and other similar mini beer kegs by clicking the image of this beer kegerator unit seen here.

draftmark 1 pack tap system fridge beer


This one is called the Draftmark 1 pack tap system. As you can see from this image, you placer the entire system into the fridge and use the tap to pour fresh beer for up to 30 days on a single refill. The refills are sold separately. There are a variety of different beer flavors that are available, which are sort of like cartridges or large cans that you simply insert into the keg casing and it sits on it’s side in the fridge. See more camera angles of this or other similar beer kegs and products by clicking the image you see here. You will also be able to watch a great demonstration video and read customer review comments by people who have actually used this product.


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