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miyabi knives

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Miyabi Knives

Miyabi Knives are a hot seller, and they come in various models. You can check out all available and read reviews through the following link:
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One really popular style of Miyabi Knives is the Miromoto model that you see in the image on the left. Check out reviews and product details through the following link:
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Miyabi Knives Pros: 

Fantastic positive customer reviews. People seem very happy with their purchase of these chef knives. The most common aspect that gets commented on is the sharpness and the comfort of the handle. Read more through any link on this page.

Miyabi Knives Cons:

 I try my best to to be fair and find a downside to each product. As of the writing of this, I couldn’t really find much negativity on this one. You can read all customer reviews by following any links on this page to dig through the reviews for yourself. Perhaps you will come across something.


More Miyabi Knives
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miyabi birchwood chefs knife


This one is much higher on the cost scale, but usually that means higher quality as well. They call this the the Miyabi Birchwood Chef’s knife. It is a 9 inch knife that is made in Japan. As the name suggests, the handle is made from birch wood. This is an authentic Japanese design. The blade consists of a grand total of 101 layers of steel. That is 50 layers clad on each side of a micro-carbide steel inner core. Miyabi also makes a bunch of other similar Japanese made knives of various types with the the same birch wood handles. Browse through them all or see more buying details about this knife by clicking the image you see here.

miyabi diamond knife sharpener


Along with a variety of Miyabi knives and other brands of similar knives, this source also has some great accessories to go along with them. One good example of this is this Miyabi brand knife sharpener you see here. This is the Miyabi diamond ceramic knife sharpener. Great for sharpening your Miyabi knives, or other knives for that matter. It features two different manual stages that can be set for sharpening coarse or fine. Read more about these sharpeners and buying information by clicking on the picture of the knife sharpener you see here.

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