Molten Basketballs


molten basketballs

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Molten Basketballs

The Molten Basketball is the official ball for many FIBA tournaments and competitions world wide. The Molten brand also makes balls for professional volleyball leagues and the NCAA.

You can get the Molten Basketball in various sizes and designs including the official size of 29.5 inches and 22oz in weight. Other sizes are available as well.

The Molten Basketball comes in various colors and art forms as well.

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molten premium 12 basketball


This is a black and silver version of the Molten GR7 rubber basketball series. This series includes the one you are looking at here, but you can also get a red and blue version, as well as a purple and yellow version of the exact same ball style. Once again, these balls are official size and weight. Click the image of this Molten basketball to find a lot more product specifications and buying and shipping details.

molten fiba red white outdoor basketball


This example is from the FIBA line of Molten basketballs. This is the Molten FIBA red white and blue, outdoor rubber 29.5 men’s basketball. It features a computer nylon wound butyl bladder. See more details about these basketballs and many other similar Molten basketball products by clicking the image of this FIBA basketball you see here. You will also be able to read customer review comments and feedback statements.

molten medicine ball


This one is the Molten medicine ball. This is a B7M basketball that is considered to be a training basketball. It is an official size of basketball but it weighs a bit more. The idea being that you train using this ball so that when you use a regular ball, it will feel much lighter and therefore easier to handle during game play. It is a strategy that is much like using weighted rings on the end of a baseball bat while you are taking practice swings in the on deck circle. Get a lot more details and buying information by clicking the image of the yellow basketball you see here. You will also be able to read customer review comments.

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