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Money Safes 

The Money Safe you see here is just one type of many that are available. This of course is just a small cash box. You can also find large vault styled safes from the same source. Check out all different kinds to suit your needs through the following link:
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Here you can see a top selling Money Safe with a whole bunch of customer feed back comments to read through. Most of the reviews lean to the positive side. With this Money Safe you have all the space you need for all denominations, and also a compartment below the tray.
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Money Safe Pros: 

Good customer reviews. All the storage space you need. Locks securely. I also trust this source. Includes compartments for not only paper money but also coins in the top tray.

Money Safe Cons:

 I could not find any major issues. Some people have reported shipping errors, but comments on the product itself seem to be mostly positive. You can read through all comments good and bad and be your own judge through the links I have provided on this page.



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dictionary money safe


There are also many different ways to hide your money and other valuables by storing them inside of dummy prop safes such as the one you see here. This is a dictionary safe. It is basically just a typical looking dictionary with a hidden compartment where you can stash your cash. It also comes with a set of keys. This is just one example out of hundreds that are available for online purchase from this source. However, I think a dictionary is the perfect choice since most criminals are uneducated and would have absolutely no use in paying any attention to a dictionary. They call this the New English Dictionary diversion book safe with lock and key. This one is also a top seller with many positive customer reviews that you can read through by clicking the image of the dictionary safe you see here. You will also find a lot more product details on this one and many other creative hidden safe products.

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