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mug printing machines

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Mug Printing Machines

A Mug Printing Machine like the one you see here, is a great addition to your business, or just for general arts and crafts around the home. Personalize your own mugs in a small space and for relatively inexpensively. The one shown here is only an example. See more Mug Printing Machine options through the following link:
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The Mug Printing Machine shown here is the Gecko Mug Printing Press Machine. For images, pricing info, and more specs and features, click the following link to check it out:
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Mug Printing Machine Pros: 

Ships internationally in most cases. Can take mugs ranging from 11 oz to 16 oz. Includes a warranty. Many other Mug Printing Machine options and accessories are available from this source.

Mug Printing Machine Cons: 

No reviews to report on this exact Mug Printing Machine, which s not necessarily bad, but it does limit information available to help you make a buying decision.


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sublimation heat transfer press machine


For those of you who are interested in a much higher quality, and much more professional operation, this unit, or something like it, is more likely the machine for you. This is a higher end professional grade model. This is the Sublimation heat transfer press machine. You can use this for printing on to regular sized mugs, or on latte sized mugs. Other models are available for a but less money that only do the standard mug size, whereas with this one, you have more options. To be more specific, this is the model PRO-160X. These feature a very accurate and handy digital timer and temperature control system. You simply place your mug into the mug cradle and adjust your pressure and temperature settings. Get a lot more specifications and product details and usage instructions by clicking the image of the mug printer you see pictured here. You will also be able to browse through many other mug printing options.

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