Murray Snowblower

murray snowblower

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The Murray snowblower above is a highly rated snowblower from this source, but many others are available from different brands, sizes, and styles. Check out and compare snowblowers through the following link:
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Shown above is the Murray snowblower 800 snow series. It is a gas powered electric start single stage snow thrower.  Find more images, descriptions, customer reviews, and prices through the following link:
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Pros: The exact model shown here is good for up to 8 inches of snow, and removes the snow right down to the pavement. It can throw the snow up to 30 feet away. Get it shipped to you online almost anywhere.

Cons: This exact model will not ship to California. Also, be sure to read all shipping details, as machines like this can not be returned via shipping due to the gasoline and oil being considered “hazardous materials”. Read all customer reviews though any of the links on this page.



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