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neck knives

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Neck Knives

Neck Knives come in a many styles made by several different brands. The one shown on this page is only one example. Check out this one and other options using the following link:
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As I said above, this version of neck knives depicted here is the Becker necker neck knife. Made of 1095 Cro-Van steel. Read all specs and features through the following link:
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Neck Knives Pros: 

Plenty of customer reviews to read through, and they are mostly positive. Great quality and people seem to love it for the most part. You can read through reviews and more details by clicking through any link on this page.

Neck Knives Cons: 

The closest thing to a common negative comment seems to be that it is a one dimensional single purpose knife. If you are looking for something with more options you may need something different. You can find other types of knives as well through any link on this page.


More Neck Knives
Clickable Images

tactical neck knife


This is a tactical neck knife. The overall length is over 6 inches. The blade length is over 3 inches. This is a stainless steel knife with a black finish. It also includes a nylon neck cord and an impact resistant sheath. Click the image you see here for a lot more details about this knife or to browse through a whole bunch of other similar knives and accessories.

high tech survivor 3 piece neck knife set


You can also get knife sets and kits. One great example of this is the 3 piece neck knives set seen here. They are all over 6 inches in total length. Razor sharp blades with ABS handles. Read customer review comments and ratings, and see more details about these knives, by clicking the image of the 3 pack you see here.

closed kneck knife


You can also browse through a whole host of uniquely styled neck knives, such as the one you see here. This one has a grenade styled handle. See more details and even watch a demonstration video about this one by clicking the image you see here.

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