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new balance vibram

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New Balance Vibram Shoes

Here is only one of a whole ton of available New Balance Vibram shoes. You can find New Balance shoes as well as other footwear featuring the Vibram brand out soles through the following link:
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I only selected to show this example of New Balance Vibram shoes because of the vast amount of customer reviews that you can read through to help you make a buying decision. The Vibram brand makes footwear like this with out soles that are specifically designed for traction and durability in the outdoors. They are also the same company that makes the popular barefoot finger toes shoes that you have likely seen shared in the social media world.
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New Balance Vibram Pros: 

Specifically designed for outdoor activities. Tons of customer reviews, most of them positive. This exact version comes in a wide range of colors and styles.

New Balance Vibram Cons: 

May or may not ship to you internationally depending on your country. Some have reported that the sizes were slightly off of what you would expect. Be sure to read all product descriptions and customer reviews carefully before ordering.


More New Balance Vibram shoes options
Clickable Images

new balance mens minimus vibram thong sandal


The New Balance Vibram line of footwear includes more than just basic shoes. You can also get thing styled sandals as well, such as the example shown in this picture here. These are the men’s Minimus thong sandal. These are obviously the black version, but you can get this exact style but in brown or titanium colored. Click the image of the thong sandal seen here to find a lot more buying information and product details about this pair.

new balance womens minimus running shoe


New Balance Vibram shoes and sandals are available for both men and women. Here is an example of a stereo-typically pink New Balance Vibram minimus shoe. You can also get this shoe in a blue and black version, and other color options. Click the image of the pink shoe you see here to find more information about this pair, or to browse through a bunch of other similar shoe and sandal options.

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