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Notre dame jerseys

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Notre Dame Jerseys

The Notre Dame Jersey you see here is only one example. Find all Notre Dame Jersey options in different styles through the following link:
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Like I said, this Notre Dame Jersey is only one example, but it’s a special example. This is the Adidas number 5 BCS Championship Football jersey from the Notre Dame football program.
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Notre Dame Jersey Pros: 

Well trusted source, and many styles are available.

Notre Dame Cons: 

Not too many customer reviews at the time of typing this. Not necessarily a bad thing, but it limits the buying information on this particular product. See all images, and read all product descriptions with caution before purchasing.


More Notre Dame Jersey options
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notre dame shamrock jersey


This is the Shamrock version of the Notre Dame football jersey. It also happens to be number 1, however, you can browse around for whatever number you want from this source. The Shamrock version is a simplistic design of jersey made from the Adidas line. It has the shamrock on each short sleeve, and the number on the front and the back. Other than the numbers and simple logos, it is pretty much all white. These jerseys are officially licensed by the NCAA. These are v-cut neck style. The material is 100 percent nylon mesh and dazzle body. Click the image of the white shamrock Adidas football jersey you see here to find a lot more sizing information, or to browse through a variety of other authentic and replica jerseys from the Notre Dame football program.

notre dame hockey jersey


To show you that there is not a bias towards only the Notre Dame football program, here you can see an available hockey jersey. You can find pretty much any type and size of jersey from the Notre Dame sporting programs. If they exist, you can likely find them. This is the completely polyester officially licensed NCAA hockey jersey with the Notre Dame font embroidered on the front. This exact jersey is offered in a small or large version that you can select upon ordering online. Click the picture of the hockey jersey you see here to find a lot more product details about this hockey jersey and others. You will also be able to read through a bunch of customer review statements.

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