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nun costume

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You can browse through all Nun costume options available, ranging from the classic style of the Nun costume, to the sexy nun style. Check them all out by clicking the following link:
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The Nun costume you see above is the traditional nun costume that comes with everything you see in the image.
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A decent mix of positive reviews for this particular item. Authentic looking, and the seller seems reliable. Of course, many other styles are available that you can check out. You can also find similar products for males, such as the priest costume.


While the entire outfit is authentic looking, it is not exactly like a real habit. The material is a bit thinner than a real one.


womens naughty nun costume

This is a more naughtier version of the nun costume line. Hence why they call this the women’s naughty nun costume. These are completely made with polyester, and the costume set comes with the dress, head piece, and the red cross. All of which, you can see in this picture. One draw back is that it is hand wash only, but that is probably not much of an issue, considering you will only be using it on rare occasions. You can select the appropriate size upon ordering.

Read the customer reviews, or browse through many other similar nun costumes by clicking the image of the naughty nun you see here.


white nun costume american horror story asylum

This is a very odd and unique version of a nun costume. This is not your typical or traditional nun costume. This one is the white nun based off of the popular TV series called “American Horror Story”. This would make for the perfect Halloween costume, as fans of that show would really appreciate, and people who have never heard of it, would still be creeped out by the white nun outfit. What you are buying here is the dress and the headpiece. It does not include the make up gloves or stockings, those are just in the image for the effect.

You can also get these types of accessories from the same source when you make your nun costume order. Click the image of the white nun you see here for a lot more product details, and to read through various customer feedback comments on this one and others.

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