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paint pads set

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Paint pads come in a wide range of styles and sizes and made from a variety of brands. The paint pads set shown above is one way to buy them. You can browse through many other paint pads through the following link:
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The paint pads shown above are the Classico brand paint pads set.  This set comes with a paint pad, an tray, and an edger. The nylon pad is replaceable. These pads can be used for latex, acrylic, stains, waxes, oil paints, and with sealers.  Paint pads can hold more paint than a standard brush, and they offer the efficiency of combining the use of a roller and brush all in one. For more details, images, and pricing. simply click through the following link:

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Pros: Great customer reviews. Comes with a tray. Replaceable pads. Applies paint the same as a roller, as well as giving you the same control as a brush.

Cons: Not much for negativity to report on this exact paint pads set. At the time of this review, there are currently only perfect customer feedback scores for this paint pads set.



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