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kl pedal boat


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Why rent a Pedal Boat on vacation, when you can bring your own? You can have your very own personal pedal boat for a much lower cost than you would expect. The one you see here is just an example. View all available pedal boat options through the following link:
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This Pedal Boat is the KL Industries Sun Slider Adjustable Seat Lounger Pedal Boat with Canopy. Great customer reviews and you can have it shipped right to your door or dock.
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This one has adjustable seats, and a canopy for shade. The customer reviews are mostly positive. Despite the size, you can have it shipped to you in most cases. Great for exercise and family outings.


There are some comments on this exact pedal boat model regarding water filling up the hull. You can read all reviews and judge for yourself. The good news is this is just an example. You can check out all kinds of pedal boat options through the provided links on this page. There are many different styles and cost ranges.


aviva sports caribbean cruiser pedal boat

This example is a ton more affordable than other pedal boat options discussed on this page, however, it is not the traditional version of a pedal boat you would expect. In fact, you technically don’t really “pedal”, since that implies that you are using your feet. In this case, you are operating the paddling mechanism with your hands, while you sit back and relax. You can turn this inflatable paddling water craft 360 degrees, and it is adequate for use by people of most ages. They call this the Aviva Sports Caribbean Cruiser Pedal Boat. Read a lot more about it, see more good demonstration camera angles, and read through various customer feedback statements, by clicking the image of the two teens paddling the boats seen here.


pelican yellow pedal boat

Back to the higher end of the cost, and therefore quality scale of pedal boats. This one is the Pelican Fiji yellow and white pedal boat. The seats are adjustable. It features handles on each end of the boat for easy two person carrying. These even have drink holders so you can enjoy a nice beverage while you pedal your away around the water. Check out more camera angles and product details by clicking the image of this yellow pedal boat you see here.

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