Personalized Christmas Ornaments


personalized Christmas ornaments

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Personalized Christmas Ornaments

Personalized Christmas Ornaments are a great idea for a personal purchase, or for a very unique and sentimental holiday gift idea. The one shown here is only one example of a design concept and brand available. See all personalized Christmas Ornaments through the following link:
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This shown example of personalized Christmas ornaments is the “Our First Christmas Snowman Ornament”. You can specify what to have them put on it upon ordering. See more images and ordering details through the following link:
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Personalized Christmas Ornaments Pros: 

I picked this ornament out of several due to the many positive customer reviews, however you can check them all out and choose for yourself. This one is great for any couple celebrating their first Christmas. Other full family versions are available too.

Personalized Christmas Ornaments Cons: 

May or may not ship to your country. You will have to take a look at the product descriptions to find out. Anyone in the U.S. should be fine though.


More Personalized Christmas Ornaments
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penguin first christmas personalized ornament


If cute animals or more your style, you could take a look at Christmas ornaments that feature various different animals like the penguins you see here. They call these the Penguin Our first Christmas Ornaments. These are polyresin ornaments that weigh approximately 3 ounces. You can have these personalized with your names of course. The Colin and Cara names are just examples. Click the image of this ornament to find a lot more buying details about these, or to browse through a bunch of other similar Christmas ornaments from this product line.

driver license picture frame christmas ornament


This one is a very unique idea for the holidays. This one is the driver’s license picture frame Christmas Ornament. It also has the fake key dangling at the bottom. Place a personal photo and write in the name and state. The whole thing is a resin material and very light weight. Click the image of the license ornament seen here to get more product details and read customer review comments.

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