Phantom of the Opera Masks


phantom of the opera masks

check price of the phantom of the opera masks here.

Phantom of the Opera Mask options range in quality and design. Shown here is just one example of many. To view all available Phantom Masks, follow this link to get started:
Browse all Phantom of the Opera Mask options here.

I picked out this Phantom of the Opera Mask because it was unlike all the others. This is the Venetian Half Mask Masquerade Mardi Gras ‘Phantom of the Opera’ Design. The other ones are cheaper and flimsier with lower customer rating scores. If that’s all you require, then that is fine, but I believe this one may be a bit higher in material quality.
Read more about it or buy it here.


Good customer review rating. Different than all the rest. Read descriptions and reviews on this one and others through the links provided here.


Though the review rating is positive at the time of me typing this, it is only one customer review so far. Read all descriptions carefully before making a decision.


white phantom of the opera mask

For a less expensive option, you could take a look at something like this white version here. It is not of the highest quality, but it does the job for a basic costume use. Click the image of this guy with the white mask seen here to find more details of this one or to browse through many other similar options.



This is another simplistic example of a white Phantom of the Opera half mask. However, it is a bit more higher in quality than the one discussed above this one. It is designed to fit most adult faces and heads. It is worn using a very basic string. While it is a bit better in quality, it is still lower on the cost and quality end of the spectrum.

If you just need a basic temporary half mask, then this one might work out for you. Click the image of this bearded creepy guy with the white mask shown here to find more product details and to see other similar masks.

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