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pillar drill

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Pillar Drills

The Pillar Drill is an encompassing phrase that refers to any drill press that is mounted on a bench, or bolted to a floor with a stand. Basically, anything that is not a typical handheld drill.

A Pillar Drill is a great gift idea for a handyman that has almost everything. A drill press can perform tasks that require much more force than a hand drill can handle.

Rather than list all the many types of Pillar Drill options are available online here, you should
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The Pillar Drill depicted in the image to the left is the Jet JDP-12. It has a digital read out as well as many other features which you can find by clicking the image.


More Pillar Drill options
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3 speed mini drill press se


This one is an SE model mini drill press set. It has 3 different speed settings. The 3 settings can operate at 5000 RPMs, 6500 RPMs, and 8000 RPMs. The entire unit stands 15 inches tall, which makes it a decent work bench sized drill press unit. Great for any basic and simple home project, or a handy side piece in any shop. Click the image of this unit you see here to see a lot more close up camera angles, and product details. You will find all the specifications about this one, and you will be able to read through many useful customer feedback comments both good and bad.

jet bench drill press


This version is the JET bench mount drill press. Similar to the one discussed above, in that it stands approximately 15 inches tall. However, this one is a lot more advanced, in that it has 16 different speeds, and not just a simple 3. The 16 speeds range from 200 RPMs to 3630 RPMs. It also has a built in work light, but the bulb is sold separately and not included with the unit. It also does not include the work bench you see in the image here. This is for demonstration purposes only. Click the image of the JET bench press aka pillar drill that you see here to find more camera angles, and to read a whole thorough presentation of information about this drill set and others.

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