Pink Diamonds


pink diamonds

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Pink Diamonds

If you are searching for Pink Diamonds, you can find everything available through the following link, ranging from cheap project diamonds, all the way up to high quality jewelry:
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An example of available Pink Diamonds, is the pack of pink diamonds you see here. Great for projects. Check out more details about these or other pink diamonds related projects through the following link:
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Pink Diamonds Pros:

 In regards to the pack of Pink Diamonds you see here, the customer reviews are very positive. Read reviews good and bad through the links on this page.

Pink Diamonds Cons: 

At the time of this writing, I could not find any major issues that stood out. Once again, you can check out all reviews through the provided links.


More Pink Diamond options
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2000 pink diamond table confetti wedding decorations


This bulk pack of pink diamonds, is a whopping 2000 pack. These are specifically made to be used as confetti for celebrations like weddings, anniversaries, and other similar types of parties. These are very inexpensive packages, and you will get plenty of them. Obviously, as you can see, these are the pink diamond version, but you can also get these in purple or clear. You will be able to select the color of your choice in the online ordering process. These are made of acrylic and are 1/3 carat in size. Perfect for putting a few on the table where your guests will be seated. It adds an element of class. Click the the image of the spilled out pink diamonds you see pictured here to find a lot more details about these or to see other pink diamond options available from this source.

pink crystal diamond sticker adhesive 1000


These ones are smaller and adhesive. These acrylic pink diamonds are for a slightly different purpose than the ones discussed above. These have sticky backs to affix them to any type of craft or project you want. You can attach these to almost any surface. They call these rhinestones. They measure 4mm and this image will link you to a 1000 piece package. You can buy them online from this source. Click the image for more details and buying information. You will also be able to read customer reviews and browse through various other pink diamond options besides these ones.

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