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pintle hitch

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Pintle Hitches

Shown here is just an example of a Pintle Hitch. I picked it out because of the highest amount of customer reviews. You can check out all Pintle Hitch options, and other towing supplies through the following link:
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I picked out this Pintle Hitch as an example. This one is the Reese Towpower Receiver Mount Pintle Hook. It has a black finish and a corrosion resistant coating. The reviews on this one are mostly positive, but there are many others.
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Pintle Hitch Pros: 

This exact Pintle Hitch shown has good customer reviews and a high load capacity. Comes with everything shown in the image. Fits nicely in a 2” receiver.

Pintle Hitch Cons: 

The load capacity on this particular Pintle Hitch is rated at 10,000 pounds, which is plenty good for most people, but be aware of this if you are looking for something higher. At the time of this typing, that fact was not included in the description, so make sure you read all descriptions and reviews carefully.


More Pintle Hitches
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reese towpower ball and pintle hook


This is an other example of a pintle hitch from the same source. This too is a Reese Towpower example. They call this one the Reese Towpower ball and pintle hook. This one is 2 inches, but you can browse through other sizes if necessary. This particular one comes with a grade 8 mounting hardware kit. You can see the black finish in this picture. It is also made with corrosion resistant materials. The included locking pin is tethered which is another basic but handy feature. Read more specific product details about this hitch and read customer comments by people who have used these exact pintle hooks by clicking the image of the one you see here.

tri ball hitch pintle hook


This one gives you more hitching options. This is the Tri-ball hitch with a pintle hook. As the name suggests, the tri-ball means there are 3 differently sized ball hitches. You can pull the piece out and turn it to select the right hitch ball for your need right at that moment. It only takes an extra few seconds. See more product details and buying information about this hitch or browse through others by clicking on the image of the pintle hitch you see here.

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