Plastic Trumpets


plastic trumpets

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Plastic Trumpets

A wide range of different types of Plastic Trumpet can be purchased from this source. The one you see on this page is only one of many examples. To see all available types of plastic trumpet types, simply follow the following link to start browsing:
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The Plastic Trumpet toy you see here plays four notes and is somewhat realistic looking. This is the 16.5″ by Bontempi. Great customer reviews as well, and a top seller. More details and images through the following link:
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Plastic Trumpet Pros: 

As for the exact plastic trumpet shown here: Looks relatively realistic, at least to a child. Actually plays 4 notes, it’s not just for looks. A few good images through the links provided here. Great positive customer reviews.

Plastic Trumpet Cons: 

One comment suggests that although this particular product is advertised as an “introduction to music”, it really has no educational quality to it at all. It really is just a standard child’s toy or prop with 4 buttons that make sounds. Read all reviews good and bad through the links provided on this page.

More Plastic Trumpets
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kids plastic trumpets 1 dozen


These ones pictured here are a very inexpensive example of plastic trumpets for kids. This picture shows 4 trumpets, but these actually come as a 1 dozen package. You will get 12 of these plastic trumpets at a very low cost, which are great for handing out as party favors at a kids birthday party.  These are 13 inches in total length. The pack of trumpets will come in an assortment of colors, like the ones you see here. Click the image of these colorful plastic trumpets to find a lot more product details and buying information.

trumpet kazoo


This plastic trumpet example is a trumpet shaped kazoo. The 3 buttons can be pressed, but they do not affect the sound output in any way, they are just for looks. This is a real metal kazoo that you can play like any other kazoo by controlling the sound with your breathe. Click the image of this trumpet kazoo for more details, and also to see other kazoo instruments just like this one.

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