Plastic Wrap Dispenser

plastic wrap dispenser stretch tite

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This source has a good selection of plastic wrap dispenser options to browse through besides the one you see above. This one is the Stretch Tite brand plastic wrap dispenser, but there are others. See more product details, and browse through the various plastic wrap dispensers through the following link:
…Browse All plastic wrap dispensers here.

As I mentioned above, the plastic wrap dispenser you see above is the Stretch-Tite Wrap’N Snap 7500 dispenser. Many positive customer reviews on this one, which is why I selected to discuss this particular one. You simply pull out the desired length of plastic wrap and close the lid for an easy single cut. No stretching or pulling. It locks closed for safety and storage. See more images and product details about this machine or others through the following link:
…More details about this stretch Tite plastic wrap dispenser here!


Pros: Easy to load with plastic rolls, and simple to use. Accepts roll sizes from previous models. Plenty of great positive customer reviews you can read through on your own. Lighter weight than it looks in the picture.

Cons: One common issue with this particular model is the inconvenience that you really need to get the right plastic wrap roll sizes to work with this machine. You can’t just grab any brand of wrap off the shelf at the store.



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