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Obviously I can’t tell you the exact right set of chemicals for your pool. It depends on your specific pool, budget, and needs. The pool chemicals shown above is just one example of a top selling pool cleaning product. Browse all available pool chemicals through the following link:
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The pool chemicals shown here is the Natural Chemistry pool perfect concentrate and phos free pool cleaner. This is a 3 liter jug. This is a non toxic pool cleaner additive. It eliminates eye and skin irritation, and makes the water feel soft and silky. Does not leave waterline marks, and is odorless. Read more details and customer reviews through the following link:
…More details about this phos free pool chemical here!


This is a top selling pool chemical with plenty of positive customer reviews.


While most of the reviews are positive, a few people found that this product did not work very well in their pool. Read all reviews good and bad through the links provided on this page above.

arm and hammer clear balance pool maintenance tablets

This is the Arm and Hammer brand of pool cleaning tablets. These are simple tablets, that make it much easier to add to the pool water because you will not have to manually measure out the chemicals. They call this version the Clear Balance quick and easy clear water from Arm and Hammer. You can get these in either 16 count pails or 32 count pails. These will quickly balance the PH levels as well as the alkaline levels. It also helps to optimize the effectiveness of the chlorine in the pool.

Click the image of this yellow and white pail seen here to find a lot more details on how to use these and learn how to buy them securely online from this source. You will also find a bunch of insightful customer review comments to read through. This one happens to be a best seller in it’s category, and the review comments are vastly to the positive side.

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