Poop Freeze

poop freeze aerosol freeze spray


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Poop freeze is a simple concept that has mixed reviews. The idea here is to spray the freshly laid dog waste with this spray to instantly harden the poo, and thus making it much easier and cleaner to pick it up. |The idea is ingenious, but the customer reviews are very mixed. There are many people who swear by this product, but honestly, there are many more who were not satisfied with it for one reason or another. Click the image of the aerosol can you see here to read through all the customer review comments, both good and bad. You will also find more product details and buying information.

This product freezes the feces quickly without harming vegetation, and it is non toxic and completely harmless. This leaves no more excuses to be a responsible pet owner on those long outdoor walks. All these details and more by clicking the image of the spray can you see above.

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