Potato Candy


potato candy

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Potato Candy

You can get a box of candy that looks just like a potato. hence the name Potato Candy.

Potato Candy comes in a box of 15 as you can see in the picture on the left.
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The Potato Candy is made by Oh Ryan’s, and they call these “Irish Potatoes”. They are made from cinnamon and coconut cream fondant, and made to be spud shaped. Really unique gift giving idea, especially on St. Patrick’s Day.


More Potato Candy options
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idaho candy company spud candy bars


This is the Idaho spud candy bar. It’s a combination of cocoa and dark chocolate with marshmallow on the inside. The whole thing is shaped like a potato. They don’t sell these everywhere, so sometimes your only option is to get them online. You can order these from this source by clicking the image you see here. You will also see better product descriptions, and you can read customer review comments.

milk chocolate covered potato chips


This image you see here that oddly enough looks like a pile of thin hamburger patties, is actually of a pile of potato chips. However, these potato chips are covered in milk chocolate. These are made with real chocolate and do not use any preservatives. They package these in good reliable packaging to ensure no melting in the shipping process. Click the image of these chocolate potato chips to read more about them or to browse through other similar chocolate covered products.

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