Potty Patch

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Potty Patch 

The Potty Patch is a great puppy training tool for indoor use. It mimics a patch of grass to entice your pet to do their business, much like they would outdoors.
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The image above is not the official Potty Patch, it is from the PetZoom brand, but they are all very similar. 

Training your dog indoors can be tricky, given that the inside of your home is not the natural environment for an animal. It seems natural to us as people, because we are used to our plumbing and fancy laminate flooring. Puppies are new to this earth, and it may seem strange to them to poop or pee on a weird piece of paper. Therefore, the Potty Patch is a great solution to connect your pet to their natural world.

It is also a product you will be thankful you have during the winter when you don’t want to send your dog outside in the cold, and you don’t feel like standing at the open doorway in your PJs at 3 in the morning.

The Potty Patch, and the other versions, all come in various different sizes. You can browse them all to figure out what you need. You can get indoor dog training patches from a couple different brands. The version seen on TV is the Potty Patch, but you can also get something called the Pet Park, and also a few others.

I will be linking to the one with the most customer reviews on Amazon, but you can Browse All Potty Patches here.


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potty patch as seen on tv


This one is the actual official Potty Patch brand that is seen on TV. The grass is anti microbial and odor resistant. The whole unit is easy to clean using soapy water. It’s the ideal training device for indoor use or patio use. Also great for people who live in an apartment or condo complex and do not have a backyard to utilize in the puppy training process. Click the image of the Potty Patch box you see here to find customer review comments and more product and buying details about this one and a variety of other similar and competing puppy training products and accessories.

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