Presta Valve Adapter

slime presta valve adapter


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The Presta Valve Adapter allows for simple connection of your bike tire to inflate it at a gas station when you are lacking a bike pump. The Presta Valve Adapter shown here is only one example of what is available. You can check out all the options through the following link:
Browse all Presta Valve Adapter options here.

The Presta Valve Adapter you see here is a 2 pack. This is the Slime Presta to Schrader Valve Adapter. This is a standard conversion size.
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Easily hook up to a gas station air pump without the need for a special bike pump. Small enough to have it with you at all times. In regards to the exact 2 pack depicted here, the customer feed back review ratings are very high. Very inexpensive, so it’s not much of a gamble to just order them just in case.


These will work in the vast majority of cases, but read all product descriptions carefully because there are certain circumstances where they may not work with your equipment. The best way to do that is to click through the provided links on this page and started reading the specs.


presta valve adapter 12 pack

This is an example of what you can get in bulk. This is a 12 pack of Presta Valve Adapters. These are  to convert Presta to Schrader valve. They have the standard ribbed design to grip the valve easily. Click the image of this 12 pack for more information on these or to browse through other adapters.


accu gage bicycle guage presta valve

You can get other accessories and tools for the air pumping process from this same source aside from just the valve adapters. One great example of this is the Accu Gage bicycle guage for the Presta valve. This is one has a right angle chuck and an analog tire guage display. Find out more details about this one, or browse through other similar bike tire gauges and accessories by clicking the image of the guage you see pictured here.

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