Purple Christmas Trees


purple Christmas trees

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Purple Christmas Trees

Be different for the holiday season and get a purple Christmas tree rather than the standard green. Purple is not the only unique Christmas tree color available though:
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The Purple Christmas Tree shown here is 7.5′ Pre-Lit Purple Grape Cashmere Pine Artificial Christmas Tree with Purple Lights. This tree comes with lights, but you can also find separate colored Christmas lights as well.

This is an example of a larger, and bit more expensive purple Christmas tree, but smaller trees are available.
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Purple Christmas tree Pros: 

This one here comes pre-lit and stands 7.5 feet tall. Artificial, which means no nasty real pine needles to deal with. Purple Christmas trees are available in many different sizes, including desktop versions.

Purple Christmas tree Cons:

 Depending on your budget, this one might be slightly on the pricey side, but maybe not. I can not include any negative customer reviews on this particular tree, because I could not find any reviews good or bad.

My Conclusion: I own an artificial tree, so I understand the benefits of not having to go get a real one every year. I have a large green one, and a desktop sized white tree. I have been happy with both. I think it’s a cool idea to be different and get a purple Christmas tree or any other unique color and change things up a bit.


More Purple Tree options
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vickerman tabletop decor purple tree


Shown here is a a set of 3 purple Christmas trees of varying sizes. This set includes a 12 inch tree, an 18 inch tree, and a larger 24 inch tree. No assembly is needed for these trees, and they have round metal bases like you can see in this image. Check out more product details and buying information about this set of 3 by clicking the image of the 3 purple Christmas trees shown here.

rainbow tie dye christmas tree


You can find Christmas trees of all kinds and other colors aside from purple. One example of this is a very unique rainbow colored Christmas tree like the one you see here. They call this the rainbow tie dye Christmas tree, and you can get them in different sizes. One size is the one you see here, which is the 6 foot version. You can also choose the 2 foot, the 7 foot, or the 8 foot tree. Select the one you want upon ordering online. Click the image of this colorful Christmas tree seen here to read more product details and buying information about this one and many other similar products.

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