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Quilt Kits

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The Quilt Kits you see here, is just one good example of available patterns. This one is the Rachel’s Of Greenfield Homespun Stars Quilt Kits 22″X22″.
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Quilt Kits Pros: 

The customer review at the time of this typing is a positive one. More styles to choose from than just this one. Ships internationally in most cases.

Quilt Kits Cons: 

While the 1 review is positive, there are not a ton of reviews on these quilt kits, so it limits the amount of available information for making a wise purchasing decision. Be sure to read all product descriptions carefully. Do that through any of the links provided on this page.


More Quilt Kits
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whims watercolor quilt kits heart in bloom


This is from the Whims Quilt kits line. This one is the Hearts in Bloom version. It comes with all the pre cut pattern squares that you need, and the information you need to put it all together to make a quilt like the one you see here. It is basically a flowery heart design on a flowery background. These are all 100 percent cotton fabrics. This quilt is a square that measures 18 inches by 18 inches, and will be 0.4 inches in thickness. Click the image of this heart design quilt kit to get all the product details and and buying information you will need to buy this kit. You will also be able to browse through a wide selection of other quilt kits made from this same Whims watercolor line of quilts, and other brands as well.

rachels of greenfield spotty hen quilt kit


This on is called the Rachel’s of Greenfield spotty hen quilt kit. It comes with every pattern piece you need to put together a quilt like the one you see here. It depicts a Hen with a baby chick and two more unhatched eggs in a nest. The border has flowers and vines. The quilt will come out to measure 11.9 inches in length by 8.88 inches in width. Click the image of this Spotty Hen quilt kit pictured here to find the details and buying information.

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