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quilt labels

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Quilt Labels

What I am showing you here is just one of many ways to get Quilt Labels from this source. To see all available Quilt Labels, click through the following link to start browsing:
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This example of Quilt Labels is the 50 Nifty Iron-On Quilt Labels. A great way to label your quilts or other embroidery projects, or to provide a personal message when you give them as gifts.
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Quilt Labels Pros: 

These ones have customer reviews that mostly lean towards the positive side. Read them for yourself through the links on this page. They work well with fabric pens.

Quilt Labels Cons: 

While the reviews are mixed, but mostly positive, there were some people who experienced some difficulty with the iron on transfer process of this exact book. Perhaps these ones or more for the higher skilled. The good news is, you can browse through more Quilt Labels than just the ones shown here. Simply click through the provided links on this page to get started.


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quilt labels for all occasions


This one is a paperback book called Quilt Labels for all occasions. It includes 60 unique labels for various different purposes and uses. You can view a sample of the inside of this book and see more details about the book by clicking the image of the book cover you see here. You will also be able to check out customer review comments and browse through other quilting label books and kits.

quilt label collective cd


This is a multimedia CD containing over 150 designs of quilt labels sorted in various different categories, including birthdays, weddings, new babies, graduations, and much more. You can edit them how ever you want and use them whenever you want. Then you can print them out and use them however you see fit. This particular version shown here is the second volume, as there is a volume 1 as well. Click the image of this Quilt Label collective to find a lot more details about this CD or to browse through other similar quilt labeling CDs.


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