Quilted Placemats


quilted placemats

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Quilted Placemats

Here you can see an image of only one available style of Quilted Placemats. Click the image to see more images. This is just an example. View many more Quilted Placemats available through the following link:
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These Quilted Placemats here are the Textiles Plus Quilted Placemats Set of 6. They come in a few different colors and pattern styles. See them all through the following link:
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Quilted Placemats Pros: 

Some decent customer reviews on this particular style. Ships internationally and they look great.

Quilted Placemats Cons: 

The Quilted Placemats reviews that are currently posted are mostly positive, but there are not a lot. Customer feed back comments can be a good measure of the quality of a product. It is not necessarily a bad thing that the reviews are lacking on this one, but it does limit your information to make a purchasing decision. Read the reviews that are there or read product descriptions through the various links provided on this page.


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now designs set of 4 basic placemats


This example of placemats is a basic version from Now Designs. These are completely cotton and you can get them in a wide range of different colors. The red one shown here is just one example of many. Each set comes with four place mats, which is a pretty standard number in a package of place mats in general. All four will be matching colors, so you are unable to mix and match the colors, unless of course you purchase several different 4 packs and mix them up yourself. You can easily wash these in the washing machine with your regular laundry. While they are a basic type of place mat, they are fairly durable. There are currently plenty of customer reviews on these, with the vast majority of those being very positive. Click the image of this four pack of red placemats that you see pictured here to find a lot more product details and buying information. You will also be able to see the other available colors and browse through a bunch of other placemat options.

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