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Rapunzel doll

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Rapunzel Dolls

The Rapunzel Doll can be purchased as an individual doll like Barbie, or as kits with many other characters and accessories.
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The Rapunzel Doll shown in the image to the left is a 12 inch tall Doll similar to a Barbie Doll. Obviously, long hair to the feet. Comes with outfit shown in the image, and is fully posable. Other Rapunzel characters are available too.
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This Rapunzel Doll is fully posable and has very long hair. Other characters and accessories are also available.

More Rapunzel Dolls
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disney princess hairplay rapunzel doll


This example of a Rapunzel doll is the official Disney Princess Hairplay Rapunzel Doll. This doll features long hair that can be made longer using two included hair extensions. As you can see in this image, the extensions simply clip together for more length. It also includes the accessories seen here, like the brush and the hair clip. Click the image of this Rapunzel doll to find a lot more details , including how to buy these securely online and have them shipped right to your door. You will also find plenty of customer review statements by people who have purchased this exact doll and can give you great insight into this purchase.

my first disney princess toddler rapunzel


This is another example of a Rapunzel doll with plenty of good customer reviews that you can read through. This is the toddler version of the Tangled movie Rapunzel doll. They officially call this the My First Disney Princess Toddler Rapunzel. It includes the accessories you can see in this box. The doll is fully poseable. Click the image of the Rapunzel package you see pictured here to find a lot more product specifications and how you can get one of these online.

classic disney princess rapunzel wedding doll


This is a Rapunzel doll that you may not expect to see when you think of the Disney’s Rapunzel. This is the wedding gown version of the doll. They call this the Classic Disney Princess Rapunzel Doll. It stands 12 inches tall. You can coordinate this doll with the Rapunzel classic doll collection of accessories. You can pose the arms and legs. Click the image of this wedding Rapunzel to find a lot more information about this doll and to browse through many other dolls and figurines from the classic Disney Rapunzel series.

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