Rapunzel Wig


Rapunzel wig

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Rapunzel Wigs

You can buy the official Tangled Rapunzel Wig like the one shown above for kids, or you can get Rapunzel Wigs for adults. This is the child’s version of the Tangled movie Rapunzel Wig, but you can find other versions for kids, as well as adult Rapunzel Wigs.
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Great for Halloween costumes or theme based costume parties. I chose this one because it has the most good customer reviews. You can check it out, or browse other Rapunzel Wigs available.
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More Rapunzel Wigs
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adult repunzel wig


This here is an example of the many available Rapunzel wigs for adults. It is a long braided wig that looks much like the one you see here. They say that the color of the wig you order online  may vary just slightly from what is pictured here. Click the image of this lady wearing the braided wig to get a lot more details about this one, or to browse through many other available Rapunzel wigs.

disney tangled rapunzel hair piece


This example here is not a complete wig necessarily, but it is a very convenient hair piece. Simply wear it on your head over your natural hair for a quick and instant braided Rapunzel hair look. Great for any Halloween costume or theme party outfit. This one also comes with the purple flower attached to the top of the braid, and other fancy decorative accessories attached throughout as seen in this image. See more camera angles and read through various customer review comments about this particular Rapunzel head piece by clicking the image you see here. You will also be able to get all the information you will need for ordering online  and shipping.

young girl rapunzel wig


Here is another example of the child sized Rapunzel wigs that are available from this source. This is the synthetic fiber braided and decorative wig with a long braided attached hair piece. It does not include the rest of the costume you see in this image. You can also get Rapunzel costumes and dresses, and other princess costumes for kids and adults from this same source. You can also piece together various accessories to get the right look and feel for the costume you have in mind. Click the image of this Rapunzel child model to find all the information you need to piece your costume together and have it shipped right to your door.

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