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retro chairs

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Retro Chairs

Retro Chairs come in a wide range of styles and colors. Browse what’s available for online purchase through the following link:
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The Retro Chairs you see on this page are the Retro Nostalgic Style Red Finish Dining Chairs. These come in pairs, although the image depicts 4 chairs around the table. Don’t let that confuse you:
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Retro Chairs Pros: 

If you are into the classic style, then what’s not to like about these old styled chairs. The majority of the customer reviews lean towards the positive side. You can view all reviews of this set or other chairs through any link on this page.

Retro Chairs Cons: 

Although the reviews are mostly positive, a few of the reviews mention some difficulties with assembly and instructions. Once again, you can read them all through the links on this page.


More Retro Chairs
Clickable Images

1950s retro chrome diner chair


This one is a classic 1950s era restaurant diner chair. Fairly pricey for a chair, but it is a true retro and classic designed chair. Perfect for anyone looking for the true authentic diner look and feel. The material is a heavy duty glitter upholstery vinyl. The frame of the chair is a very strong 14 guage steel, as the whole chair weighs 20 pounds. Click the image of the red and white 1950s chair you see pictured here to find a lot more specifications and buying details. You will also be able to browse through many other similar retro chairs and tables.

fiorenza white plastic armchair wood eiffel legs retro chairs


This set is a pair of retro plastic Fiorenza armchairs that feature the wooden Eiffel legs. This is the white version, but you can get these exact chairs in black or red as well. These are plastic contoured chairs with a matte finish. See more details about these and other similar retro chairs and tables by clicking the image of the pair of chairs you see here.

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