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Ring Cutters

There are Ring Cutter options that range in both cost and quality. The one you see on this page is just one of many types available. See all available Ring Cutter options through the following link:
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The Ring Cutter depicted on this page, is the Ring Remover Cutter Jewelers EMT Fire Rescue Hand Tool. The purpose is to safely remove a tight ring on a finger with the least amount of discomfort possible.
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Ring Cutter Pros: 

As for this ring cutter you see, the reviews are positive and it seems to do the job it is expected to do. Read all reviews and product details through the links I have provided.

Ring Cutter Cons: 

This particular ring cutter does the job it is suppose to do, and good for the cost, but some have reported that this particular ring cutter is a bit on the slow side. Read all reviews both good and bad before making a final decision.


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power ring cutter


This one is a power ring cutter. It does not include the drill shown in the image here. The idea behind this ring cutting tool, is that it offers the ability to use manually just like the other ring cutters, or it can be hooked up to a drill like the example depicted in the picture. It is an ideal ring cutter by itself manually, or as a much more efficient cutting tool when attached to a drill tool. It includes the hexagonal key for use with a power tool. You can see the hexagonal tool inserted in the Black and Decker drill on one end, and attached to the ring cutter on the other end. Click the image of the rigged up ring cutter and drill shown here for a lot more details on how these work, and how to buy these online from this source. You will also be able to read through customer review comments by people who have bought and used this exact product, and you will also be able to browse through other similar ring cutting and ring sizing tools.

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