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rolling luggage

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Rolling Luggage

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This is a set of blue Rolling Luggage. This style comes in a few different colors. This set is the Travelers Choice Freedom 3 Piece Lightweight Hard Shell Spinning Rolling Luggage Set.
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Rolling Luggage Pros: 

This set is highly rated by customers. You can read all reviews through the provided links seen on this page.

Rolling Luggage Cons: 

Most reviews are positive, but some have pointed out that this hard shell design is not really as heavy duty as it appears in the images. You can read all the reviews and see more images through the links, and also browse other rolling luggage options.


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rolling luggage duffle bag


This example of rolling luggage has a bit of a unique twist in that it is also a duffle bag. Obviously, you can see that this is the basic solid black version, but you can get this exact product in over 30 other colors and designs, far too many to list here. They are 100 percent polyester. I also like the fact that they are machine washable, which is a very simple yet handy feature. You can use this bag as a regular duffle bag, or you can pull out the handle and roll it around like regular rolling luggage. The wheels are much similar to inline skating wheels, which means they are large and strong enough to handle a fairly heavy load, and allows for a nice smooth roll. The duffle bag itself has a large U shaped zipper opening, and has 4 decently sized pockets around the outside. The carrying shoulder straps are also adjustable for comfort. Click the image of the black duffle bag pictured here for a lot more camera angles and product descriptions. You can also read the many customer feedback comments both good and bad to help you make a good informed purchasing decision.

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