Rubi Tile Cutter


Rubi tile cutter

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Rubi Tile Cutters

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The tile cutter you see here is the TR 60s Rubi Tile Cutter. This is a high end top of the line kit used by industry masters. It includes the case and 2 scoring wheels.
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Rubi Tile Cutter Pros: 

Top selling brand, and positive customer reviews to read. Check out more descriptions about this or other similar products through the various links on this page.

Rubi Tile Cutter Cons: 

Depending on your budget, this exact product might be a bit pricey, but you need to pay for high quality.


More Rubi Tile Cutter options
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rubi tr-600s ceramic tile cutter


This one is the Rubi TR-600S model of tile cutter. This is a ceramic porcelain cutter with special ability to cut angles. Just like the one discussed above, it comes with the carrying case and two scoring wheels. You can do a 24 inch cut and 17 inch by 17 inch diagonal cuts. This one has 1300 pounds of breaking power. This is definitely a tool that is ideal for the professional tile cutter, as well as the home project do it yourself-er. See a lot more details and more camera angles of this actually being used by clicking the image you see here. You will also be able to get further insight by reading some helpful customer review comments.

rubi star 40 tile cutter


For a less professional and much less expensive need, you could look at a basic smaller version such as the one you see here. This one is the Rubi Star 40 Tile cutter. This one only cuts up to 16″ tiles, which may be just fine for your needs, but it is definitely not the largest you can get. The diagonal cutting ability of this one is 11.5 inches. It does use the multiple point breaking system, as do the more expensive ones. This one comes with a single 16mm scoring wheel. Learn more about this tile cutter and how to order one securely online by clicking the image you see here.

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