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sailor costumes

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Many Sailor Costumes for Men Women and children can be found through the following link:
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The Sailor Costumes shown here are the standard styled California Costumes Men’s Sailor Costume.
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Customer reviews are mixed but mostly positive. Other sailor costumes are available for women and children as well. Check out available through any link on this page.


Probably not the highest quality material to match an actual sailor outfit, but good enough to get a pass as the costume that it is. Read all reviews and product descriptions through any link seen on this page.


womens makin waves sexy sailor costume

Once again, we take a look at the inevitable sexy version of the costume in question. There seems to be a sexy version to every costume known to man. This particular costume is called the women’s makin’ waves sexy sailor costume. It comes with what you see pictured here, minus the lady of course. It is made with a polyester blend, and requires dry cleaning or hand washing and not traditional machine washing.

Click the image of this sexy sailor skirt costume for more camera angles and product details. You will also be able to read through many customer comments by people who have bought and wore these exact costumes, to help give you valuable insight into your sailor costume purchase.

If none of the pre-packaged sailor costumes seem to fit your needs or preferences, you will also be able to browse through a variety of accessories and clothing pieces to mix and match the perfect costume for you.


women's sailor instant costume kit

Don’t worry, if you are a female and you want to dress up as a sailor without it having to be sexy or explicit in any way, you can also find a more casual and traditional sailor look. This one here is a great conservative option for Halloween or theme parties. They call this one the Sailor instant kit. It is not a full and complete sailor outfit, but it is a hat and scarf that will transform casual everyday wear into an instant sailor look, hence the name.

Click the picture of this sailor lady shown here to find more details about this quick sailor kit.

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