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saloon girl costumes

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You can browse all the available Saloon Girl Costume options, including plus size costumes and other western styled costumes and accessories. However, the one shown here is the Old Western Saloon Girl Costume.
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Good positive customer reviews, and high quality material. Not made from just cheap quality fabrics like a lousy Halloween costume. Although, of course, it would make for a great Halloween costume.


It has been reported that the sizes seem to be a bit on the large side. You can check out the customer reviews for yourself. A couple have mentioned it is wise to select one size smaller than the one you would normally require.


plus size saloon girl costume

This saloon girl costume is specifically designed for plus sized ladies. This is a traditional and classy black and red old western costume. It is 100 percent polyester and requires hand washing. It does not include everything seen in this demonstration image, but it does come with the feathered headpiece, the lacy top, the the corset belt, and the black skirt. When they say plus size, what they mean is a jacket size up to 52, or a dress size of 20.

Most of the customer reviews on this one are currently mostly positive, and plenty of them. Read thrugh all the comments, and see more details about these costumes and others by clicking the image of the plus size saloon girl costume depicted here.


grand heritage collection deluxe saloon girl costume

This version is from a costume line called the Grand Heritage collection. This one is the Deluxe saloon girl costume that includes the feather head piece, garter and lace glovelets, and of course, the dress itself. You can find all kinds of other accessories and clothing pieces from this same source to piece together your own personal customized style if you wish.

See more details about this costume and browse through many others by clicking the image of the lady in the green dress you see here.

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