Salter Bathroom Scales


salter bathroom scales

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Salter Bathroom Scales

Salter Bathroom Scales come in a variety of styles. You can get them in digital form, or the old school mechanical style.
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The Digital Salter Bathroom Scales shown here is the SALTER 9075GL Textured Glass Digital Scale. Large digital display, tempered glass platform that is comfortable on the feet, and weighs up to 400 pounds.


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salter bathroom scales mechanical version.


The Mechanical Salter Bathroom Scales shown below is the Salter 200 Academy Professional Mechanical Scale, White and Gray. Tested for deterioration for over 27,000 weighs, and still holds up. Designed with durable steel materials for solid stability. Click the image of the analog scale you see here for more details about this model, or to browse through a bunch of other bathroom scale options available for online purchase from this source.

salter bathroom scales baby toddler scale


This is a specialty scale from the Salter line of scales. This one is the Salter electronic baby and toddler scale. As the name suggests, this is specifically designed to weigh babies and small toddlers. The designers of this unit took everything into consideration with this unit. The bay will be comfortable in the platform, and it is very secure so there is no fear of the platform breaking away from the scale base when the child is kicking and wiggling around. It also has tare weight functioning to allow for zeroing out the weight of a diaper, blanket and so on. This way you can keep the child warm and comfortable while getting an accurate reading. Since a baby weight measurement needs to be precise to the ounce, this scale will give you very tight readings for small weights. Another feature is the LCD read out that will allow you to get a baby off the scale while you continue to read the measurement on the screen, for up to 30 seconds after you have removed the child. Read more about these scales, or browse through a bunch of other similar options by clicking the image of this baby scale, or any other link and image on this page.

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