Sandalwood Oil


Sandalwood oil

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Sandalwood Oil

The Sandalwood Oil shown here is only one example of many types available. See all Sandalwood Essential Oils through the following link:
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This Sandalwood Oil shown here is the Nature’s Kiss Products Sandalwood Therapeutic Grade 10ml Pure Essential Oil, 0.34 Fluid Ounce. Like I do with all the other products on this site, I am mainly showing this one because of the great customer reviews.
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Sandalwood Oil Pros: 

Wonderful customer reviews. Read all reviews through any of the links on this page. A whole variety of Sandalwood Essential Oils to choose from, and I trust this source. They do not dilute their product, which is more pure, but this pureness makes the cost seem a lot higher. Be aware of that fact when reading product descriptions.

Sandalwood Oil Cons: 

As I mentioned, the reviews are largely positive, but of course when it comes to preferences of scent, everyone has different tastes so to speak. You may be taking a bit of a gamble when ordering online without smelling it first. Read all customer reviews to help you out.


More Sandalwood Oil options
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pair of essence sandalwood and frankincense set.


You can also get various aromatherapy kits and packages. The example you see here is called the Pair of Essence. This is two bottles of fragrant oils in a single pack. In this case, you would get the Sandalwood and the Frankincense versions. This particular set of oils has a pretty good number pf positive customer reviews that you can read through on your own. Each bottle is 10 ML. The company’s claim is that these oils are rich, authentic, and long lasting. You can use these on their own, or you can use them to be an addition to soap, candles, skin care products, and hair care products. You do not have to get these two types of oils, you can also select from almost 60 other fragrances. Click the image of this pair of fragrance oils to get more details and to browse through all the available options.

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