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science posters

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Science Posters

Science Posters ranging from inspirational to educational. All kinds of themes to choose from.
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The Science Posters shown in the image to the left is a package or “kit” containing various different posters. Great for the bedroom or classroom.
This package contains 4 posters, 4 activity sheets, and a guide for teachers. This Science Posters pack includes 4 different posters and a teachers guide. These 4 are about Light, Waves, Energy, and simple machines. You can buy this pack of posters or browse other available posters.



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think like a scientist mini bulletin board


This is a great example of a bright and colorful bulletin board designed for teaching kids about the basics of the scientific process. Students will be taught to ask questions, gather information, make a hypothesis, conduct an experiment, observe and record the results, and to share the results. The heading says “Think Like A Scientist”. The kit includes a total of 21 pieces that you can see pictured here. Kids can match up the pieces to the appropriate category, and it also makes a good display on the wall. As a nice little bonus, it also comes with a teacher’s guide with some great child appropriate scientific experiment ideas. Check out everything you need to know about this product, or browse through other similar scientific products by clicking the image of this bulletin board seen here.

albert einstein do not worry quote poster


One tried and true example of scientific posters, is the typical Alberta Einstein poster. These come in many different versions with various different quotes by Albert Einstein. One example of many available is the one you see pictured here. This is a poster of Albert Einstein standing in his study with the quote “Do not worry about your difficulties in mathematics; I can assure you that mine are greater”. This is ideal for any classroom, or any bedroom of someone who loves science. Click the image of this poster to see more about this one, or to browse through a whole bunch of other similar posters.

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