Seat Belt Extender

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Seat Belt Extender

The Seat Belt Extender shown here is only one of many makes, styles and sizes available. Find extenders with different lengths of straps included, or strapless like the one you are seeing here. See them all, and get the right one for you through the following link:
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This Seat Belt Extender is just a buckle piece without a strap, but they are not all like that. This one is the 3″ Car Seat Belt Extender Type A (7/8″ wide metal tongue).
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Seat Belt Extender Pros:

 Good customer reviews on this one. Great for people with size issues or for child car seats that are tricky to get buckled. Many others available.

Seat Belt Extender Cons: 

This particular seat belt extender is a buckle only. which is great if that’s what you need, but it does not have a strap to make it longer. If you need an adjustable strap, you will need to click through the links on this page to find the right one for you.



More Seat Belt Extender options
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rigid seatbelt extension e4 belt

This is an example of the seat belt extenders that are more than just the buckle piece. They also include a strap or extension of some kind. In the case of the one you see here, this one is the Rigid seat belt with an 8 inch long extension. The extension strap is stiff like you see pictured here. It will stand up straight at all times to allow for easy access every time you buckle up or unbuckle, so you don’t need to fish around for a regular floppy styled extension strap. Read more about this one or how to buy it by clicking the image of the upright rigid seat belt extender you see here. You will also be able to browse through a wide selection of other similar seat belt extending options.

airline seat belt extender


This source also offers a good selection of airline seat belt extension options as well. The one you see here is a universal style that is compatible with all the major airlines. See the list of airlines and read more product details about these by clicking the image of the airline seat belt extender you see here. You will also be able to check out a bunch of other seat belt extending options and accessories, and you will also find many customer review comments that you can read through.

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